1:1 Support

Jennifer Bulbrook Sitting On Couch

Are you...

Depressed? Anxious? Feeling Alone? Addiction Issues? Lack of Confidence or Esteem? Having a difficult time moving on from a relationship? 

Do you feel angry, frustrated, sad, and maybe you don't even know why?

Have you tried therapy and medication yet you still find yourself feeling shitty?

Looking for a safe, nonjudgmental supportive space? 

  • You can start feeling better as soon as today! 

  • You will feel confident with who you are and the life you lead

  • You can begin managing your addictions! 

  • You will  gain results and reach your impossible goals!

  • You will believe that You Are Somebody!


Let's Do This

1:1 Support with a Certified Mental Health Life Coach, Jennifer is where I will provide you with support and guidance throughout your journey as we explore your mind. 

I offer amazing support that focuses on empowerment, wellness & happiness 

Provide awareness into your life and ways to maintain an emotionally balanced mindset

This service is 100% confidential, and a safe environment with no judgments. 

Package Offerings

6 - Sessions

This package is for first time clients only who are unsure if Life Coaching is for them 

6- 1 on 1 (45min) Coaching Sessions

Support Between Sessions

Access to the Self-Love Lounge

You will automatically be entered for every giveaway 
Be the first to find out about our products and courses


And when you decide to continue working with me, this payment will go towards The Transformation Package


This is for you if you are ready to transform your life and meet those impossible goals

24- 1 on 1 (1HR) Coaching Sessions (4/Month) 
12 Live Webinars/Group Coaching (2/Month) 

Weekly Virtual Support Group
1 Self-Coaching Planner mailed to you

1 Thought Download Journal mailed to you
Email and Text support between sessions
Short and Long Term Goal Setting
Full access to our Library of Workshops and Courses in our Self-Love Lounge
Access to all available I Am Somebody's Self-Coaching Planners (Print your planners) 
You will automatically be entered for every giveaway 
Be the first to find out about our products and courses


If you are looking for support right now, and Jennifer is unavailable, please visit our Resources Page 


Thanks so much Jen, you inspire me so much you have no idea. I am trying to be better :)! Been doing a lot of things at home for myself.