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Meet Jennifer

I am Jennifer Bulbrook, the Founder and Owner of I Am Somebody and I will be your Coach to guide you through your transformational journey. I will not only inspire but teach you the tools and skills you need to maintain an emotionally balanced life and to stand proud as you scream, I Am Somebody!

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, the middle child of a loving family. I am a Certified Mental Health Life Coach along with a background in Child and Youth Work as well as Law.

I graduated from the Certification Program at The Life Coach School studying under the amazing Brooke Castillo so that I can serve you in the best way I can. This is how motivated and dedicated I am to guide you, my fellow worthy humans through your journey to an emotionally balanced life!

I have been working on Self Coaching Planners, which are unlike any ordinary planner you have ever had or seen before; I have specifically designed each of these to contain the tools you need to maintain an emotionally balanced mind and to succeed in all that you do. Our Self-Coaching Planners will feature self-development strategies, and each will be specifically geared towards topics such as self worth, depression, anxiety, addiction etc.


I have a history with mental health, in and out of psychiatric wards for depression, self harm, and suicide attempts. At the age of 15 I turned to drugs, anything I could get my hands on. While addicted to drugs and partying every day, at the age of 17, I became pregnant. 


Alcohol ended up taking over my young adult years and most of my middle. At first, I would only have to consume a couple of drinks but soon I was drinking a 26er or more everyday, turning to the bottle any chance I could, when I would have feelings of stress, anger, depression or even joy. Most nights I would go out to the bar where I would get so polluted with the poison of alcohol that I would black out; I would wake up in strange places with strange people surrounding me. When I could not get out, I was what you call a “closet drinker”, where I would wait for everyone in my household to go to bed then I would crack open the bottle. 

My main priority became lost to me, I was no longer my son’s mother but a stranger. His grandmother became his mom, she took the responsibility and raised him for the first few years of his life. I finally got my act together but not for long and it ended up being a bumpy road until I got arrested for domestic violence. I then went sober and began working on myself and doing what was best for my kids (I now have my second newborn, the only time I was sober was when I was pregnant). It was not easy and although I was managing, I was still feeling as if I was drowning, I just was not happy and felt like something was missing. The cycle continued, in and out of detox, AA meetings, hospitals, many interactions with police and CCAS, one horrific relationship after another, sometimes it would be months at a time without being able to leave the house because of the depressive and anxiety ridden state I was in. 

It has been a journey but one I would not take back as it has brought me to where I am today. This is not easy, but if I believe I am worth it because I Am Somebody then I will do many amazing things in my lifetime.

Jennifer Bulbrook With An I Am Strong Poster
Jennifer Bulbrook Sitting In Yellow Tank Top

I am at my healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I am smoke free, drug free and only drink occasionally, on planned days. 


My depression and anxiety do not show themselves like they once did and when they do, I am in control of both, and with zero medication. Of course, there are moments where I struggle but for the most part, I am doing amazing. I can now honestly say that not only do I love myself but I know I Am Somebody!

I Am Somebody is my pride and joy as I always had a passion for helping others and I know how much my life has improved so it is only fitting that I share the tools and skills with all of you. I know what I have to offer the world is so fucking valuable that I have butterflies in my stomach, my hairs stand up and I get tingles on the back of my neck just thinking about it.

If we were taught these skills and tools that I am teaching you, in school, a lot of us humans would have saved ourselves a lot of misery.

Whether you are dealing with addiction of some sort, mental health issues, or dealing with a loved one's diagnosis of an illness, you can START FEELING BETTER TODAY!

Because You Are Somebody And You Are Worth It

Experience and Expertise

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Certified Mental Health Life Coach (Studied under the amazing Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School.)

Diploma in Child and Youth Work, with also includes Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental Health Issues, and Addiction 

Personal experience with mental health including addiction within myself and loved ones

I have been on my own self-help journey for years now, and have been using planners as a tool since I was a teenager.


I’m here to support you in your personal transformation journey by giving you guidance, teaching you The Model and the keys to an emotionally balanced life. 

Independent Beachbody Health and Wellness Coach 

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The Fun Stuff

Who loves Burpees? 


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