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Are you...

In need of some accountability in your life?
Want to focus on your physical wellbeing?
Ready to love your body? And the way it is right NOW?
Looking for positive support with no judgments?

Want to workout from home? 
Want a personal trainer but don't want to pay the big bucks?

I can promise you the RESULTS if you show up and do the WORK.  

I am here to motivate and help guide you through your workout & weight management journey.

I have put together some of my favourite products that I am sure you will love



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The Squad
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1 FREE Planner 
24- 1 on 1 Support Sessions (4/Month) 

12 Group Sessions (2/Month)

Full access to our Library of Workshops and Courses in our Self-Love Lounge

Access to all available I Am Somebody's Self-Coaching Planners (Print your planners)

10% off all Shop products
Access to our private FB community 

You will automatically be entered for every giveaway 
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$2,500 plus Beachbody membership of your choice

Group Movement Challenges

Group challenges where we will focus on both nutrition & a certain program. We run approximately 8 group challenges a year (bonus: there are chances of winning prizes when you join an I Am Somebody group challenge!) 


Please note: A Beachbody membership is needed to participate in the group challenges. Please get in touch for more details. 

Cost: FREE 


You inspire me! I have worked out for years but always have my days where I don’t want to and I don’t, but now I am working out even when I don’t want to and I have you and your motivation to thank!
~ Jonathan