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Jennifer Bulbrook, Owner of I Am Somebody

Have you tried therapy or medication yet you find yourself still feeling down and hopeless?

I Am Somebody is run by and for people with lived experience of mental health or addiction issues

We help fellow humans take back control of their
Mental Health and to believe They Are Somebody


1:1 Support with Jennifer

Break Down Barriers

Work through your Depression and Anxiety and begin living the life you truly deserve without the struggles of getting out of bed in the morning.

Join our VIP Community

Regain Your Confidence

Feel empowered to step up and face your struggles and whatever life throws your way where you will begin living outside of your comfort zone on purpose

Join our VIP Community

Live Your best Life

Overcome your struggles with addiction whether you want to quit or cut back and do it without interrupting the parts of your life you want

Jennifer Posing With Arms Crossed

Meet Jennifer

From no self-esteem, anxious and depressed, suicidal, living with various addiction issues and periodically not leaving my bed for months at a time to somebody who believes I AM SOMEBODY and that I AM WORTH IT!!

It has not been easy but I am definitely proud of who I am and everything that I have accomplished.. 

SELF-COACHING PLANNER - Guaranteed Results Or Full Refund

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN 6 MONTHS. Designed by a Certified Life Coach, yours truly, Jennifer Bulbrook 😃

Jennifer With Podcast Microphone

The Reality Coach Podcast

From discussing mental health issues, self development strategies and serious personal issues to funny comical experiences. To learn how to make your life better, tune into my podcast.

You have inspired me to quit smoking today, and I have not had a drop of alcohol in 2 weeks. I have no doubt that you will by inspiring others especially in these troubled times. You wanting to help others speaks volumes of your compassion for others and your true inner beauty. 

~ Michael M.


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